Anxiety and Stress

Some anxiety is absolutely normal – we worry about our relationships going bad, how our children are getting on, how long we will keep our jobs, what will be the results of the medical tests we have just had, how we will do in the exams.  This is real life.  Short-term anxiety heightens our responses and reactions, helping us to deal with stressful situations.  The problem is resolved, the question answered, we have something to work with, and our anxiety subsides.

Excessive anxiety is all about “too much” – too much worry, too much stress, too much adrenaline – leading to shaking, sweating, sleeplessness, a churning stomach, palpitations, even panic attacks and antisocial behaviour.  The anxiety might have had a real trigger but then we start feeling that we have lost control over that aspect of our lives, and our anxiety moves out of control too.  We find we are living in a state of hyper-arousal which can threaten our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

There are ways of learning to manage our anxiety, and it is much easier to learn the techniques with the support of a counsellor.

I will help you to understand why you have anxiety or stress and how to manage it.  By understanding what your causes stress, you will better be able to handle life challenges.  I will equip you with multiple ways to deal with these emotions and ways to keep them from overtaking you.  You will develop your toolbox to combat and prevent anxiety and stress from holding you back.