Depression and Sadness

Depression affects 1 in 6 people in the UK.

Depression can feel overwhelming and dark.  I work with you to better understand what is making you depressed.  You deserve to feel better.  I will help you uncover how the depression started, what keeps it around and how to get relief from the pain that it causes.  Depression can involve multiple emotions such as anger, hurt and fear.

Fighting Depression and low mood can feel like being stuck in a kind of glue and almost in an alternative and negative reality.  Often “Think Yourself Positive” programmes can add to our depression and unhappiness as they fail to acknowledge the levels of despair we might be feeling.

Depression can often be sparked by a major life change such as separation, bereavement, retirement, illness or trauma.

Not fighting Depression means that it can feed on itself – we can even get depressed about being depressed, leading to feelings of guilt and a vicious cycle of reinforcing our negativity.

People who feel depressed often feel lethargic and totally exhausted; others cover up their depression with the misuse of alcohol or drugs.

Among the other symptoms of depression are negative thoughts, stress, low self-esteem, anxiety and the inability to act positively.  Sometimes people self harm or have suicidal thoughts.

The good news is that depression can pass and is rarely a permanent state and we can work together to come up with a treatment plan for you.