I like Serena because she is the first person that gets me and doesn’t judge me.  I didn’t want to go to counselling but its good.  Thank you for all your help

Poppy age 11

Thank you Serena – I felt really understood and the exploration of the meaning of energy to me and the different types was so useful, it was great to have the steps I was taken affirmed and useful to explore a way forwards and what is possible, food for thought and action to take.


Serena was able to enter my world with empathy, she allowed me to explore my feelings of anger, motherhood, protection and revenge. I have become lighter and me again.


Serena held me in a secure and safe place, she is kind and calming.


Thank you Serena for your contributions, you helped validate all of my feelings, sharing my pain and joys of my past experiences. Thank you again.


Thank you Serena you are awesome! No one has ever got me like you have.

Amber age 16

Having dealt with some tough stuff from the past, you respected my wishes not to deal with it right away and look to the future plans, giving me help with that.  I really enjoyed putting objects in place for me and work through what is right for me now. Thank you.