I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support and guidance through such a difficult and dark time in my life. You helped me deal with the grieving of the loss of my baby, my relationship and many other individual issues that I was trying to deal with, you’ve helped me break those problems down and allowed me to think for myself again. You’re calming way and your constant support is one of the reasons I’m now at the point I am now. You gave me the trust and confidence in myself to allow me to open up my own business and have finally found my smile. Honestly you supported me through a time I couldn’t even support myself. You’re non judgmental approach and the way you give advice and support is honestly second to none, as you know I sore a councillor prior to yourself which didn’t go well at all and I wish I’d met you prior to!

You honestly saved my life and for that I’m forever grateful. You where my torch in a forest where I couldn’t see the light through the trees.


Meeting Serena has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.

After just over a year of weekly therapy I discovered more about myself than I have in the previous 44 years of my life.

I simply can’t recommend her kind, supportive, knowledgeable guidance to anyone more strongly than I am now.

I’ve seen other therapists but she’s the best by a long, long way. I can’t recommend her enough.


I like Serena because she is the first person that gets me and doesn’t judge me.  I didn’t want to go to counselling but its good.  Thank you for all your help

Poppy age 11

Thank you Serena – I felt really understood and the exploration of the meaning of energy to me and the different types was so useful, it was great to have the steps I was taken affirmed and useful to explore a way forwards and what is possible, food for thought and action to take.


I would absolutely recommend Serena to anyone wishing to engage with a very empathetic and caring counsellor.Serena has a wonderful ability to listen and immediately understand your problem. Her solutions are practical and without judgement leaving you feeling that you are being heard and understood.


Serena was able to enter my world with empathy, she allowed me to explore my feelings of anger, motherhood, protection and revenge. I have become lighter and me again.


Serena held me in a secure and safe place, she is kind and calming.


Thank you Serena for your contributions, you helped validate all of my feelings, sharing my pain and joys of my past experiences. Thank you again.


Thank you Serena you are awesome! No one has ever got me like you have.

Amber age 16

Having dealt with some tough stuff from the past, you respected my wishes not to deal with it right away and look to the future plans, giving me help with that.  I really enjoyed putting objects in place for me and work through what is right for me now. Thank you.



I have recently concluded six months of counselling with Serena Edwards of Calm Waters. My experience has been positive throughout.  I was initially anxious, embarrassed and somewhat reluctant to reach out for help, the need for which had been identified by my family. I found from the outset, Serena to be calming and welcoming. At no point did I feel that she was judging me or critical of my admissions to her. She fully prepared for every session, I was constantly amazed at how much detail she could remember of my situation. She encouraged, inspired and empowered me to learn, providing me with positive, practical exercises to understand and overcome my personal issues. Importantly, Serena enabled me to put my difficulties into context and she helped me understand that in certain circumstances it was okay to be as I was. The outcome of my interaction with Serena has been extremely positive.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Serena and I will return to her should the need arise. I now feel a much better person and my family can see a difference in me.


‘Serena is a warm, understanding and supportive counsellor. Her sessions have enabled me to reflect on the health issues I am facing and identify ways of coping with anxiety around my treatment & giving up work. She is always reassuring and directs you to see the positives, which has helped to build up my confidence again. When I have had a setback, she has provided additional support via email. During lockdown, online sessions worked well. I would definitely recommend Serena.’


I have spent 6 months, having counselling with Serena and it has been life changing .
She offers a warm , safe,  supportive and caring environment allowing you to explore and work through your issues.
Her counselling skills have enabled me to become a better person and I learned to understand myself more. She has given me the skills and confidence to move forward with my life, making better choices , being mindful and to love myself again .



When I attended my first session, I explicitly hated the idea of going to a counsellor as I’d had some bad luck with others. I can say now without a shadow of a doubt, that I’m glad I tried. Her office cabin is a safe place that feels inviting and secure to anyone who feels nervous. It’s hard to convey in writing just how much Serena has helped me. She has improved my life beyond words and has shown profound kindness, warmth and compassion. I cannot recommend her highly enough


From the first nervous moments of meeting Serena she put me at ease with a warm smile and a coffee. I have always felt safe and relaxed in her company. Her garden cabin is a comfortable, warm and peaceful environment where I have felt able to share my anxieties.
Through the months of counselling she has listened carefully and then drew from me strength I didn’t know I had. She has carefully explained the workings of my mind in diagrams, pictures and words that has helped me to process the trauma I am experiencing. Above all she has constantly reassured me that is is okay to feel and react in the ways I have.
Serena has become my confident and friend and has held my hand through this troubled period. She has given me confidence to begin a new chapter in my life. I am so thankful I found her.


I was looking for counselling services after being diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and was recommended Serena at Calm Waters by a friend. She has a very relaxed and easy going manner which is easy to talk to, by discussing a number of issues in both my personal and professional lives I have been able to identify ways to address these problems and make changes. Just having someone to talk to who is totally independent has been a great help and Serena’s observations and unbiased advice has been a great help in my recovery.


When I found & emailed Serena, just a name on a website list, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that 58 years of life could & would be transformed, healed & reclaimed.

Serena was the safe person I had never had. ‘Safe person’ sounds so simple & yet … It’s size was immeasurable. It both saved & changed my life. Small words, huge result. I can’t thank Serena highly enough for seeing exactly what I needed & providing a space in which this could happen.

As C.S. Lewis says, no, I could not go back & change the beginning but I was absolutely able to start where I was & change the ending. Thanks to working with Serena the ending is a positive and beautiful picture of anticipation, freedom, empowerment & joy.


I contacted Serena when I was at a very low ebb & could see no way out of the dark. My confidence was shot & I felt such sadness.
Serena gradually & gently unearthed the reasons for my feelings & worries. She was my guiding light through the darkness.
Serena helped me change my mind set & regain confidence in so many areas of my life.
Serena continues to offer support if I need an extra boost & knowing she is there to listen is a comfort.
I have so much to thank her for. She saved my life.


Serena is a fantastic therapist. She is very patient, empathic and realistic. She was able to help me through a very difficult period in my life. She makes it easy to talk about very sensitive topics and I always felt she took what I was saying seriously.

Serena operates from a lovely cabin in her garden. It’s a very calm and private space. I highly recommend Calm Waters Counselling.


Serena really helped me work through areas in my life that I was confused and struggling with. She has given me clarity and shown me how to rationalise things and find strength and belief in myself.
She made me feel comfortable and secure and her log cabin is so peaceful.
I highly recommend anyone struggling to go and see her, she works wonders.


I needed  counselling because i had very low self esteem and was very anxious all the time. Serena has helped me a lot which has made me feel so much better in myself.
I was nervous for my first session but she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.
She has given me lots of tools that I can use everyday to help me improve and stay well. I’m very grateful to her and the support she gave me in my  sessions and outside of them too.


I have known and worked with Serena for 3 years. She has never failed to be supportive and knowledgeable and has always made me feel at ease. Whenever I have had a question or a dilemma she has known or found the answer for me. Always professional yet friendly and calm at all times. I always look forward to my supervision session with Serena.


I met with Serena during a time of high-anxiety in my life and can honestly say she has made a huge difference for me. I had never had counselling before but her calm and confident approach meant that from our first meeting I was completely at ease with the whole process and ready to learn new techniques to help me change the way I viewed anxiety. She has given me the tools and strategies that I know will be invaluable for me going forward and ones that will stay with me for a very long time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


At the time I choose to seek therapy I was struggling in lots of areas of my life. I had a lots of change going on and meeting with Serena I felt at ease and safe to b able to explore my feelings and what I hoped for. My time with Serena has given me the confidence and reassurance and skills to move forward and I’m now in a really good place in my life.

I couldn’t recommend her support enough.