Relationship and Couple Counselling

Have you and your partner stopped communicating effectively to the point that you’re afraid you’ll never get ‘back on track’?

Have the two of you become so busy leading your own lives that you’ve drifted apart from each other?

Are you stuck in a rut and feel that you lack the time and know-how to resolve your differences and move forward?

I can help you get back on track by offering you the space and support you need to focus on your relationship and start listening to each other again. My aim is to reduce the conflict in your relationship, which ultimately eases feelings of anger, tension and stress. This can be empowering and will help you come together rather than get drawn into the blame-game of “it’s not me, it’s you!

We’re all different and view the world through our own unique filter depending on our family history and life story. So it is inevitable in any close relationships that differences will emerge.

Having a third person who is impartial and trained to work with the ‘dynamic’ that comes in to play can be hugely insightful.

Hopefully couple counselling will lead to a positive change but I can support both of you in whatever decision you make together. This might include helping you to have an amicable break up and minimising any associated conflict.

You’ve invested so much in your relationship. Whether couple counselling results in reconciliation or not, you will know that you’ve done your best rather than wondering “what if?