Pain Management

Pain Management Therapy is for anyone who is currently experiencing emotional difficulties due to physical pain. Those that can benefit are people who are currently experiencing physical pain resulting in emotional difficulties such as depression and/or anxiety or those that have experienced physical pain in the past from accidents, health diagnoses, genetic illness etc. and as a result are experiencing emotional difficulties.

It is extremely hard to swallow at times that you are left with chronic pain, this could be from an illness, accident or surgery.  Managing your mental health has proven to hugely decrease your pain and also live a more positive life.

Perhaps you are also suffering with the trauma of why you have chronic pain, this is also something we can work on together.

All individual therapy will commence following an assessment appointment, this appointment allows us to meet, understand the main difficulties and agree the number of therapy sessions. Sessions are expected to be weekly as this maintains focus which allows for the most positive outcomes.

I will provide you with useful tools to help manage your pain.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Based Therapy can help facilitate emotional and behavioural change and sometimes acceptance of a current difficult situation.

Evidence has shown that therapy during or after experiencing physical pain can improve emotional well-being by a large percentage, some studies report over 70% improvement in well-being after therapy.